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   Meet the Axebuilder Accentuator. A personal favorite and one of our best selling pickups.  A modern medium output humbucker that is very versatile. Fueled by a high powered Alnico 8 magnet and dual slug coils, the Accentuator has a unique voice that covers a lot of ground. Crisp, detailed highs, tight low end and a sweet midrange. Very responsive,  articulate and detailed with a strong attack. More presence and mids than most humbuckers, but not harsh or honkey.

    The bridge position clean tones are bright and snappy. Neck pickup is warm and throaty. A good rhythm pickup, but kick in the drive and it will give you a nice thick, dark lead tone as well. Check out the high gain neck pickup demo below! While these pickups sound great clean, they really shine when you crank up the gain! From low gain crunch to modern high gain hard rock and metal, this pickup does it all and sounds great in almost any setting. Even with complex chords which tend to get muddy and lose definition when you turn up the gain, the Accentuator holds together and delivers with good note separation and detail. 

     Please note that my bridge humbuckers come with 53mm polepiece spacing by default. That is my preference and that is the spacing I use when designing my bridge humbuckers. If you prefer a 50mm spacing on your bridge pickup, you can select it from the drop-down menu above. 

Pickup Specs:

Magnet Type = Alnico 8
Bridge DC resitance = 9.5k
Neck DC resistance = 7.4k

 Sound Samples:

     Clean demo of the Accentuator bridge and neck humbucker set. Starts with open chords in the bridge position, then bridge & neck combined, then neck position. At 0:50s it's clean leads in the neck position, 1:13 is bridge and neck combined, and at 1:40 to the end is clean leads in the bridge position.

     Medium gain overdrive demo of the Accentuator bridge & neck humbucker set. It starts off in the bridge position with the volume pot on the guitar rolled down to low volume, then medium, then full volume to show how well it cleans up and the different degrees of drive you can get just by adjusting your guitars volume knob. At 0:38s you get the bridge pickup lead followed by bridge & neck combined at 0:48s, and then neck pickup from 0:58s to the end.


      Accentuator bridge pickup rock demo.


     High gain Accentuator bridge pickup demo.


     High gain Accentuator neck pickup demo.